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We at St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church are dedicated to working together as a Family of Faith united in Christ. It is our goal, duty and privilege to foster genuine growth in the spiritual life by imitating the example of Christ, the Good Shepherd; to serve others; and to express and promote love of God and neighbor to enhance Jesus’ call to discipleship. As a Family of Faith united in Christ, we bring to life the core of the Gospel message to love and serve one another.

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You will recall that I dispensed everyone from the obligation of Sunday Mass through September 6th. I expressed particular concern lest the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions, and those who are fearful or anxious should be troubled in conscience about missing Mass.

I am being asked whether the dispensation will be extended. If it is not, there are two factors to be considered; first, whether those groups mentioned above will now feel constrained to go to Mass; and, secondly, if more people attend with social distancing, would this create an undue burden on priests to add still more Masses.

All things being considered, I have decided to extend the dispensation through Saturday, November 28th which is the last day of the current liturgical year.