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Infrastructure 251-240 Exam Answers Device Summary Table 3 1 CISA Exam Ref summarizes the characteristics of the network infrastructure devices discussed in this section.

Firewalls A firewall is primarily a network security appliance, and it is discussed in Chapter 12, 8220 Network Security.

com and resolving that name into a corresponding IP address for example, 10.

Most professional CISA Exam Ref Exam Prep. DNS Servers A Domain Name System DNS server performs the task of taking a domain name for example, www.

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For example, consider a company headquarters location with VPN connections to each of 100 remote sites.

CISA Exam Ref Tests Exam. The device at the headquarters terminating these VPN tunnels might have to perform encryption and authentication for each tunnel, resulting in a heavy processor burden on that device.

Figure 3 29shows a sample VPN topology, with a VPN concentrator at each corporate location. latest questions Isaca CISA Tests. COG-702 Exam Pdf

Depending on the VPN technology being used, the devices that terminate the ends of a VPN tunnel might be required to perform heavy processing.

Figure 3 29VPN Concentrator The termencryptionrefers to the capability of a device to scramble data from a sender in such a way that the data can be unscrambled by the receiver, but not by any other party who might intercept the data.

With a VPN concentrator 8217 s capability to encrypt data, it is considered to belong to a class of devices calledencryption devices, which are devices for example, routers, firewalls, and VPN concentrators capable of participating in an encrypted session.

However, if traffic were originated from a device on the Internet that is, not returning traffic , the firewall blocks that traffic.

Such a secure tunnel is called 1K0-001 Practice Lab CISA Exam Ref avirtual private network VPN.

8221 As depicted 70-516 Exam Download inFigure 3 30, a firewall stands guard at the door of your network, protecting it from malicious Internet traffic. 100% Success Isaca CISA Exam Profile.

Isaca CISA Syllabus Practice Note. Although several router models can terminate a VPN circuit, a dedicated device, called aVPN concentrator, can be used instead.

Likewise, return traffic coming back from the Internet Isaca CISA Exam Ref to the inside network is allowed by the firewall.

CISA Exam Ref Exams Cert Practice Exam. A VPN concentrator performs the processor intensive process required to terminate multiple VPN tunnels.

2017 Latest CISA Exam Ref Practice Lab Practice Lab. Sometimes, however, a more cost effective option is to create secure connections through an untrusted network, such as the Internet.

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For example, if you need to connect a Layer 3 device out to your 1Z0-809 Books Internet service provider ISP using a serial port, you will be more likely to find a serial port expansion module for your router, rather than your multilayer switch. CISA Exam Ref Exam Prep Exam Guide.

Figure 3 30Firewall For example, astateful firewallallows traffic to originate from an inside network that is, a trusted network and go out to the Internet an untrusted network.

VPN Concentrators Companies with locations spread across multiple sites often require secure communications between those sites.

One option is to purchase multiple WAN connections interconnecting those sites.

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Table 3 1 Network Infrastructure Device Certified Information Systems Auditor Characteristics Number 712-50 PDF demo of Collision Domains Possible Number of Broadcast Domains Possible OSI Layer of Operation Hub Bridge 1 per port Switch Multilayer switch 3 Router Specialized Network Devices Although network infrastructure devices make up the backbone of a network, for added end user functionality, many networks integrate various specialized network devices, such as VPN concentrators, firewalls, DNS servers, DHCP servers, proxy servers, caching engines, and content switches.