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Two such prime examples are IP phones and wireless APs, both of which extend the connectivity out one more layer from the actual campus access switch.

Study Guide 700-260 Exam Guide Exams Question. Distribution Layer The distribution layer in the campus design has a unique role in which it acts as a services and control boundary between the access layer and the core.

Unique Cisco 700-260 Practice Note. However, the term ECMP is typically used with respect to data center architectures and not campus architectures.

In addition, the access layers allow support 700-260 Exam Guide for converged features that enable optimal software configuration of IP phones and wireless APs, as well.

Figure 2 4references the distribution layer. Cisco Cisco Specialist 700-260 Exam Guide PDF Answers Labs.

Equal cost multipathing ECMP is another term used to describe equal cost load sharing.

Generally, high availability is provided through Layer 3 redundant paths from the distribution layer to the core, and either Layer 2 or Layer 3 redundant paths from the access layer to the distribution layer. Cisco Cisco Specialist 700-260 Exam Guide PDF demo Training Resources.

Both the access layer and the core are essentially dedicated special purpose layers.

Figure 2 3Access Layer The wide variety of possible types of devices that can connect and the various services and dynamic configuration mechanisms that are necessary make the access layer one of the most capable parts of the campus network. Best Course Cisco 700-260 Exams Answers Exam Collection.

Figure 2 4Distribution Layer Availability, fast path recovery, load balancing, and CAT-SUR-201-520 Labs QoS are all important considerations at the distribution layer. Cisco Cisco Specialist 700-260 Exam Guide Practice Lab Practice Lab.

These security features are discussed in more detail in later chapters of Advanced Security Architecture for Account Manager this book. Standard Cisco 700-260 Review Questions.

This mechanism behind default gateway redundancy is referred to asfirst hop redundancy protocol FHRP.

Keep in mind that Layer 3 equal cost load sharing allows both uplinks from the distribution to the 77-602 Exam Prep core layer to 642-999 Training Resources be used for traffic in a variety of load balancing methods discussed later in this chapter.

The access layer is dedicated to meeting the functions of end device connectivity, and the core layer is dedicated to providing nonstop connectivity across the entire campus network.

These capabilities are as follows High availability The access layer supports high availability via default gateway redundancy using dual connections from access switches to redundant distribution layer switches when there is no routing in the access layer.

PoE allows customers to easily place IP phones and wireless 210-260 Premium Exam APs in strategic locations without the need to run power.

Latest Upload 700-260 Exam Answers for Cisco Specialist. These features are discussed in later chapters.

The next subsection discusses the upstream layer from the access layer, the distribution layer.

Cisco Cisco Specialist 700-260 Exam Guide braindumps Practice. The distribution layer, CTAL-TM_GERMANY Practice Questions in contrast, serves multiple purposes.

FHRP is discussed in more detail in later chapters of this book.

Security The access layer also provides services for additional security against unauthorized access to the network by using tools such as port security, quality of service QoS , Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection DAI , and IP Cisco 700-260 Exam Guide Source Guard.

It is also the place where devices that extend the network out one more level are attached. latest questions 700-260 Exam Guide 700-260 Exam Guide CertDumps Practice.

Convergence The access layer generally supports inline Power over Ethernet PoE for IP telephony, thin clients, and wireless access points APs.