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RtrPod11 show ip interface brief Interface IP Address OK Method Status Protocol FastEthernet0 0 unassigned YES unset up up FastEthernet0 0.

0 Step 4 3 Configure the 642-732 Exam Answers Voice VLAN SubinterfaceRtrPodx config subif interface fastethernet 0 0. Pass Easily 070-483 Exam Prep Official Guide.

SwPod11 show vlan 1 default active Gi0 1, Gi0 Programming in C# 2 110 Data active Fa0 2, Fa0 3, Fa0 4, Fa0 5 Fa0 6, Fa0 1Z1-052 Testing Engine 7, Fa0 8, Fa0 9 Fa0 18, Fa0 19, Fa0 20, Fa0 21 Fa0 22, Fa0 23, Fa0 24 111 Management active 115 Voice active Fa0 2, Fa0 3, Fa0 4, Fa0 5 1002 fddi default act unsup 1003 token ring default act unsup 1004 fddinet default act unsup 1005 trnet default act unsupStep 5 2 Verify Switch Port Assignment Use theshow interfaces switchportcommand to verify the configuration of trunk and access ports.

Best Course Microsoft 070-483 Answers Exams Cert. SwPod11 show interfaces switchport Name Fa0 1 Administrative Mode trunk Operational Mode trunk Administrative Native VLAN tagging enabled Administrative Mode static access Administrative Trunking Encapsulation negotiate Negotiation of Trunking Off Access Mode VLAN 110 Data Voice VLAN 115 Voice 60 output omitted 62 Step 5 3 Verify Router Subinterface IP Assignment Use theshow A4040-108 Practice Exam ip interface briefcommand to verify that the trunk is assigned correctly.

0 or higher. Provide Latest 070-483 Exam Questions for MCSD.

Task 5 Verification Check the configuration to determine whether 070-483 Exam Prep it matches what you expect. PassExam 070-483 Exam Training for MCSD.

0, which requires 000-080 Question Description router IOS version 15. latest questions Microsoft 070-483 Testing Engine Training Resources.

Notice that Fa0 1 is a trunk port, while Fa0 2 070-483 Exam Prep is a static access port and has a voice VLAN assigned to it. Associated Certifications 070-483 Exam Prep for MCSD.

x5. Easily Pass 070-483 Exam Prep Exam Topics Study Guides.

x5 RtrPodx config subif encapsulation dot1Q x5 RtrPodx config subif description Voice VLAN RtrPodx config subif ip address 10.

This will help to avoid future problems.

This output is from Pod 11 your output will have different Microsoft 070-483 Exam Prep VLAN numbers.

Step 5 1 Verify Switch VLAN Configuration Use theshow vlan briefcommand to verify the VLAN configuration.


0 RtrPodx config subif exit Step 4 4 Activate the Router InterfaceRtrPodx config interface fastethernet 0 0 RtrPodx config if no shutdown You might be thinking 8220 What about IPv6 8221 CUCME does not support IPv6 until version 8. Unique Microsoft 070-483 Questions PDF.

070-483 Exam Prep Exam Collection Exam Dumps. Notice that Fa0 1 is a trunk port and as such does not have a VLAN assigned to it, so it will not show in the output.

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255. Study Guide 070-483 Exam Prep Official Guide Questions PDF.

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Full Demo: 070-483 Exam Prep Review Questions Gold Standard. This output is from Pod 11 your output will have different subinterface and IP address numbers.

Current details for 070-483 Dumps for MCSD. This output is from Pod 11 your output will have different VLAN numbers.