Alleluia! Christ is Risen

After the Lenten prayer and penance – and meditating on the “why” of the sufferings of Christ – Easter brings with it the dawn of a new Day of Joy and Hope.  Easter is all about the realization of our sinfulness and the price that was paid to free us.  The price was the death of Christ.  We are free and now we can sing out loud the Alleluias of our resurrection.

This is the core of our Christian faith that we profess at every Mass – Christ has died, Christ is risen and Christ will come again.  And these three realities must be taken together and then it makes sense.

Christ has Died.  This is absolutely certain because we are told that the soldiers knowing that he was dead did not break His bones but pierced His side.  And Jesus had foretold that He will be betrayed and handed over to death.  The unruly mob had shouted “crucify Him”.  His death was not an accident.  He came to do the will of His Father to save mankind.  He had said that He lays down His life and will raise it up again.

Christ is Risen.  They all feared and felt in their hearts that He might rise as He said.  So the tomb was well secured and soldiers guarded it.  He rose as He said, and appeared to Mary and the Apostles.  He ate and drank with them on the shore of Galilee.  He showed them His hands and feet.  He was seen by so many people after He rose.  He appears to remove their doubts and fears.  He imparts to them His peace.

Christ will come again.  What a promise and what hope for us!  I am going to prepare a place for you, and I will come again and will take you to myself so that you may be where I am.  This is the Good News for the people of today caught up in uncertainty and fear.  Let us not give up doing the good we can and let us not give up the struggle against evil and godlessness.  Jesus is coming.

Happy Easter to all.

Fr. Mathai